Mary Collin

I guarantee I can change your life for the better…

Hi… great to see you here!

Anyone who’s met me knows that I’m passionate about people. I’m constantly working on being the best I can be as well as helping others be the best they can be through my commitment to delivering quality personal and professional development.

Living and working with my partner, Andy Gwynn, we know how important it is to maintain a great work/life balance – it’s vital for us to practice what we preach!

We share a sense of fun and appreciation for what we have, and a desire to share that with others.

Everything we do is all about people getting the best out of themselves and others – whether that is through Behavioural Profiling (including DISC’s 4 styles, RocheMartin’s 10 Emotional Intelligence/Leadership traits, or the Flippen Profiling’s 31 different scales), personal, professional or emotional intelligence work.

As a Life Member of the Institute of Directors I worked for several years as part of their Education Board in the Midlands as part of my commitment to supporting and encouraging the next generation too.

I'm the best person to show firms how to improve


I’m the best person to show firms how to improve

November 2009: THE easy quip would be that Mary Collin could talk for England, except I can’t really say that because her mother’s Irish.
But you get my drift. However, she is a nationalised Brummie, which puts her smack in the heart of the Midlands, although she lives these
days on the edge of the village of Hanbury, near Droitwich, adding a …