Mary Collin

Interactive Marketer

Mary Collin - Interactive Marketer

As more businesses see the need for building good, strong relationships via social media, many don’t know where to turn.

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The advent of social media and its growth (it’s the #1 online activity and it’s growing at 3 x the rate of all other online activity!) means that we are changing the way we do business and the way we communicate.

Every day thousands of people are going online for their business information . . .

  • will they find you?
  • what will they find about you?

Like it or not, once it’s out there, it’s out there. You can no longer separate the personal and the professional in the same way you used to.

So . . . how will you manage your brand, your reputation and your online communications?

You will be in one of 5 places right now:

  • “I don’t see the value”
  • “I know I should use but I don’t”
  • “I dabble but don’t really get it and I’m not consistent”
  • “I don’t know what to say, when/where to say it or how”
  • “I don’t have the time – I’ve got a business to run!”

All of these places are potentially dangerous for you, your reputation and your business.

GOOD NEWS . . . . help is at hand.

You have 4 main choices:

1. DIY – you’ll need time, skills, knowledge, consistency and you’ll need to keep up to date.
2. Recruit a Social Media Manager in house – your challenges will include: can I afford it? How will I know if they are any good? What KPIs will I set them? What is my recruitment and induction programme? How will I find them? How will I clarify my expectations? How much extra will it cost me?
3. Use a professional outsourced Social Media Manager and Interactive Marketer.

Then you can work with your specialist to determine which are the most suitable platforms for you (with advice). You can also agree a fixed budget per month and agree your reporting and communication dates.

And I’d love to speak with you to explain how I work with you.

As a former award-winning business coach, a relationship specialist (online and offline) and someone with a track record in social media and interactive marketing, I’m looking to work with the right kind of businesses to help YOU grow your reputation, your business and your interactive database.

Contact me now and let’s arrange a time to talk and I’ll get my free reports over to you to help you get started right now, whether you become a client of mine or not.